fall favorites

to listen:

bon iver “22,  a million” –  bon iver finally released some new music after nearly four years,  and considering the fact that I became a fan in 2012 right after the initial break-up, getting my hands on new music from justin vernon and his band has been pretty much the highlight of the year

joni mitchell’s “blue” album – purchased on vinyl and played to death, the kind of sweet and sentimental, folksy music that never gets old

john mayer “love on the weekend” – mayer’s return to pop was announced on twitter earlier this year, and this track is the first to be released that is evocative of some his most beloved tunes from the early 2000’s  but is still reminiscent of his more recent albums

fleetwood mac – another vinyl purchase that led me back into a world of music I often neglect, there is something so timeless and just plain cathartic about fleetwood mac

to watch:

good girls revolt – literally the best show I’ve seen in ages concerning the representation of women (it passes the bechdel test within the first half of episode one!!), telling the story of a group of women who work for a prominent magazine in the early 70’s

westworld – if you don’t live under a rock you have probably heard about this show. I am notoriously picky about the genre of sci-fi, but this one is a winner for me as it is incredibly well done and never fails to surprise

to read and to follow:

this should be written in the present tense by helle helle – one of my favorite books that I read in 2016 because of it’s way of communicating the mundane elements of life

@sarahkbenning  – self determined “contemporary embroidery” which is so beautiful

bluets by maggie nelson – an all time favorite of mine that i’ve recently revisited…it’s a poetic exploration of the color blue in all it’s literal and metaphorical forms…it is nostalgic and quick witted and brilliant

@kellymaker   – gorgeous artwork that is so unique and celebratory of the female form

to wear:

shearling – it’s getting cold here in amsterdam, and this week I realized that my cotton/wool coat was no longer cutting it so I popped into my favorite vintage shop and picked out a gorgeous vintage shearling coat that’s timeless, trendy and warm…additionally, buying fur second hand allows me to enjoy what already is on the market rather than fueling the fur market and fast fashion

levi 501’s – mom jeans and other vintage cuts have become staples in modern wardrobes, and there is something that I love about going back to basics with fashion. jeans that are well-made, flattering, and wallet friendly can be difficult to find, but the hours spent scavenging second hand bins to find the perfect vintage denim are hours well spent in my opinion

rouje – a parisian brand that I’ve been following on instagram…centered around cool girl cuts and silhouettes with some really beautiful dresses and tops

instagram @rouje


to make-up with:

becca highlighter – I have the cream version in “opal” and it’s become a staple in my daily routine…a swipe on my cheekbones, eyelids, and brow bone and I’m glowy as ever and ready to go

serums – kind of like vitamins for your skin, best used after cleansing but before thicker products like moisturizers, balms and creams…can be used to target a specific ailment (dryness, acne) or to just enhance your skin…my favorites being the super bounce serum from glossier with hyalourionic acid and the niaminicide and zinc serum from the ordinary, and the midnight recovery concentrate from kiehl’s



to eat:

overnight oats  – easy, quick, healthy, and cheap are the key elements I’m looking for in a breakfast nowadays, and overnight oats check all of those boxes easily. I fill a mason jar about 1/3 of the way, add a teaspoon of chia seed, agave syrup, and a healthy amount of cinnamon and then fill to the top with soy milk. I stick my concoction in the fridge overnight and in the morning breakfast is ready to go! I like to mix in a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut spread for chocolatey oats or chopped banana and walnuts for a healthier start to the day

veggie bakes – literally chopping up vegetables and drowning them in spices, herbs, and olive oil and sticking ’em in the oven…later paired with brown rice and sometimes beans for a healthy, filling, and cheap dinner

to do:

play records – isaac gifted me with my coveted record player for our one year anniversary, and I have grown really fond of the concept of “putting on a record” which kind of lends itself to filing your life and your space with more music in addition to the fun of scavenging markets and record stores for a new treasure to spin

listen to audiobooks – between lectures, assignments and an seemingly endless stream of articles to read, using my spare time to do anything other than watch gilmore girls is uncommon…however I have been able to incorporate new material into my day in the form of audiobooks…which has allowed me to become immersed in stories that I don’t have the patience to sit down and read at this time in my life (currently, war & peace)

here’s to saying goodbye to the fall and hoping for a cozy and gentle winter



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