winter favorites

to listen:

“no river” by esme patterson – I heard this song for a few seconds while flipping through instagram stories, and I’ve been listening to it every day since while eating breakfast and planning my days

maggie rogers’ EP “now that the light is fading”- a bit electronic, and a bit folk, maggie’s debut EP is the kind of music that makes me feel both good and level-headed and a tiny bit nostalgic. honorable mentions are “dog years” and “alaska”

“I had a real good lover” by the shouting matches – just listen to this one, it’s been keeping me company while I write in the evenings

audrey tatou and mathieu kassovitz in “amélie”

to watch:

amélie – one of my favorite films, which I decided to rewatch on a whim over winter break and I was surprised by just how much it affected me. the dialogue is in french and very quick and the imagery is a whimsical parisian dream. if you’ve heard about and never got around to watching it, I recommend that you do so soon

the crown – this series is really, really well done. I love watching things about the various european monarchies, but what is really intriguing about this is that it follows the real story of elizabeth II’s reign quite closely and recounts the events with amazing sets, costumes, acting and videography

artwork for “modern love: the podcast” for the new york times

to read and to follow:

just kids by patti smith – honestly it took me over two months to finish this book, but by the end I was very happy to have kept committed to it. written with effortless candor, smith recounts her decades-long friendship with the late photographer and artist robert mapplethorpe, examining their artist-muse relationship and devoted friendship against the backdrop of the grunge culture in new york city in the 70’s and early 80’s

“modern love” the podcast – hollywood actors read personal essays of “love, loss, and redemption” written for the new york times’ modern love column. these stories often keep me company on my metro rides to school and on my walks around the city, and I can genuinely say that tuning in makes my day better

to eat:

homemade chia pudding – so listen, I have a vicious sweet tooth. I’ll sometimes have spurts where I’ll crave sweet stuff like 4 – 5 times a day, which is definitely not sustainable if I would like my pants to continue to fit. my solution to this is the chia pudding that I make by mixing 3 tablespoons of chia for every one cup of dark chocolate soy milk, and a squirt of agave. left overnight, this stuff becomes a fun pudding-like texture which you can top with whipped cream (coconut or otherwise) and can be mixed in a blender if the seeds or the texture freaks you out. it’s also very cheap to make and chia packs a lot of healthy fat and fiber, so it’s not too sinful!

to make-up with:

rosehip oil – this stuff works like magic for my skin, with both healing and moisturizing benefits it helps tackle everything from dullness and acne scares to dry spots. I have a little pump bottle from aura cacia that also packs in vitamin e, which I use about three pumps of morning and night on a clean face

jane birkin in the early 70s

to wear:

denim flares – I say this modestly, but this was another trend that I was somewhat embarrassingly “ahead of” like not wearing them before it was cool, but wearing them before it was accepted as a trend and I got some looks….that being said, if you’re bored with the skinny jean silhouette and haven’t embraced the mom jean trend, flares are an opportunity to add some comfort, funk , and some major jane birkin vibes to your wardrobe

to do:

going to markets – this is pretty much my favorite thing to do year-round, but in amsterdam the markets continue through the winter and encourage me to get out of the house and face the cold. it may take some willpower, but once I make it outside and find myself amongst loaves of freshly made bread, bustling locals and their dogs and babies (!!!), and troves of antiques, I never regret it

taking the time to write – it doesn’t matter if you think you are a bad writer, or if you’re unexperienced, or if you feel you have nothing to write about. take some time to sit down in front of a piece a paper or your journal and write down something about your life right now. how do you feel? did something remotely interesting happen on your way home from work? was your weekend wonderful, horrible, or just a normal one? take a minute to write it down. your future self will very likely enjoy going back through your writings, and you might find yourself thanking you for it



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