spring/summer favorites

to listen:

maggie rogers’ “blood ballet” – this album has soundtracked the most difficult six months of my life, and has managed to comfort and inspire me in ways that I forgot music really could. it’s absolute genius. listen to it.

“coffee” and “slack jaw” by sylvan esso – these songs have been playing in the background since I moved to new york, and somehow capture the mood of the late afternoon buzz of the city.

“brand new key” by melanie – in july, my friend olivia and I drove upstate to bethel, new york to see the grounds where woodstock was held in august of 1969. naturally, we listened to songs played at the festival on our drive there and back and this song has been stuck in my head ever since.

“brooklyn baby” by lana del rey – this is a cheesy pick considering I just moved to brooklyn, but honestly I have been feeling lana del rey more than I ever have these days.

“home again” by michael kiwanuka – while the lyrics certainly hit a sore spot on my heart, this song has offered me so much comfort and is the musical equivalent of driving by the beach at golden hour.

alain de botton “the true hard work of love and relationships” (podcast from on being with krista tippet” – after going through a breakup, I’ve been pouring through tons of literature and media about love. there are some universal truths about love and life, and I was seeking a better understanding and a larger perspective on why we all keep putting ourselves through the insanity that is love and relationships. in this podcast, alain de botton speaks about love in very simple and realistic terms, and in a way that acknowledges how insane relationships can be and why it’s all in our best interest that we try and put our hearts on the line anyway.


a still from the movie adaptation (which kundera reportedly detested) of the unbearable lightness of being 

to read:

“the unbearable lightness of being” by milan kundera – the first book I’ve actually finished, and loved, in a very long time. kundera captures so many facets of life, love, and the human condition in beautiful prose and effortless storytelling.

“you are here” by thich nhat hahn – I can’t describe how much this book put things in perspective for me, and opened me up to the belief that happiness is truly something that is accessible in every moment of every day. I won’t try to explain the sentiments expressed in this book because thich what hahn does such an incredible job laying out his way of thinking, which is mind-blowingly simple and incredibly powerful.

to eat:

literally everything from the oh she glows vegan cookbook – I have been searching forever for a vegan cookbook that didn’t have tons of finicky and obscure ingredients. this cookbook is absolutely brilliant, as is the oh she glows blog, and has so many delicious and comforting dishes that are wholesome and healthy. favorites are the african peanut stew (I make a huge batch and eat it for a week) and fresh tomato and basil pasta, which I believe you can find the recipes for here.

living luminizer from rms beauty

to make-up with:

rms beauty – if you’re looking for makeup without the nasty additives found in most brands, rms offers a line of natural, vegan, cruelty-free alternatives. my favorites are the living luminizer and the eye polish in myth.

eyelash tinting – if you are prone to allergies or rubbing your eyes (me!!) and are interested in ditching mascara, then eyelash tinting may very well be for you! I’ve been getting mine done for over a year now, and it has been a game changer for me in regards to comfort (I can rub my eyes all I want!) and upkeep (no more racoon eyes). it’s fairly low cost and low maintenance, and worth every penny in my opinion.

to wear:

paloma wool – one of my new favorite brands, designed and stitched in barcelona. they use unique textiles and colors, and their clothes have the most beautiful cuts and silhouette. on the less pricey end of up and coming indie designers, and just really lovely, high-quality clothes.

to do:

yoga with adriene (youtube) – for a long time, I have neglected my practice because I didn’t have access to a local yoga studio and lacked the patience and discipline required to follow a video practice. after seeing a few different people post about adrienne’s videos, I decided to give one a try, and was shocked to find myself absolutely blissed out by the end! adriene is the first teacher I’ve actually been engaged enough to follow through a practice, and she has so many lovely videos that picking one out is always a treat. personal favorites include her intro to yin and her meditation for inner peace.

going on dates with yourself – seriously people, I cannot stress the importance of dating yourself. this means taking the time to check in with your heart, mind, and body and nurturing the parts that are being underserved or forgotten by others and by yourself. take a solo trip to a museum, or buy yourself lunch at your favorite restaurant. you will thank yourself for slowing down and reconnecting, and will likely find yourself more relaxed and open.

wishing you a groovy late summer!



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