“When asked to describe myself, the first thing I’d say is that I’m an optimist, someone who loves the meditative moments in between the gaps of sunlight, sips of coffee, trailing sentences. I love the nuance and wonder of the parts of our lives that often go unnoticed. I love to wander and find new ways home.

I grew up on the southern costal shore of New Hampshire, identifying myself often by the guitar often on my lap and love of getting lost.

I am still very much that same person, but I’ve grown in and out of myself and have begun to find myself somewhere along the way. I moved to Paris, then Amsterdam, then to New York. I fell in and out of love and did things I’d never dreamed I would do because of it.

Music was the one thing that held me through all the pains of growing along the way. I was always comforted by the weight of my guitar on my back as I walked through foreign airports, train stations. I’ve learned to trust the music when it comes. To write and sing what I feel until I feel something new.

Something new has come in many forms. These days I’m a singer, songwriter and producer from Brooklyn. I’ve picked up the banjo. I’m a friend, a collaborator, and finally feel like an artist. I have a better idea of where I’ve been – and a clearer view of where I’d like to go.

I love what I do the most when I can capture how it feels to be human. When the music makes you feel, somehow in just one moment, all of the joy and pain and nuance of how it feels to be here on this planet together. When the room is hushed to a whisper, or electric with the pulse of a thousand beings moving and feeling all things different and equally powerful at once. For me I feel that to capture that experience is to make good art and ultimately good music.

I will never stop trying to capture all of that beauty and pain and joy in all the ways that I can. To be honest and open and willing is all I think we can really do.”